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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - TGS Trailer

Here’s the TGS Trailer for ‘Kingdom Heats 3D: Dream Drop Distance’ and its looking real good and there’s use of AR, maybe a mini game or pet game. Lets see what happens, can wait!

Tekken 3D Prime Edition TGS Trailer

I think has to be the funniest trailer at the Tokyo Game Show, featuring Yoshinori and Harada. Check it, this game is looking good!

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Footage

Here’s the first footage of the rhythm based Final Fantasy game ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’ and I must it’s looking quite intresting, not because I love rhythm games but because it has a battle system and I wanna see how this one works out!! (plus I had an idea for a game like this but I couldnt fully map out the idea in my head…whatever) I can’t wait, check the trailer!

Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena -Trailer

WANT!!! Euro release date needed. This game does a bit crazy fun, I wanna see all the crazy combos. Check it!

The Legend of Zelda Theme on f-ing Marimba

Listening to this reminded me how awesome The Legend of Zelda is!! Be a badass and listen to this ;D

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